Committed to a lifelong education and training and with a great sense of responsibility, dedication and genuine care, I merge knowledge with experience and intuition to create the ideal coaching environment that can meet the unique nature and needs of each of you - individual, couple or family.

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I was born and raised in Greece and since I remember myself, I had an immense interest in acquiring new knowledge, learning new skills, traveling around the world and finding ways to express my creativity through art.
After completing my studies in French Arts and Literature, I worked for several years as a French In-Home Tutor for kids, while furthering my education on classical piano, opera singing and painting.
In-Home Tutoring gave me the opportunity to experience first hand how family members interrelate with each other and how some children could easily thrive educationally while others were experiencing educational challenges.
Over the years, my innate curious nature was significantly triggered by human complexity. I felt an enormous admiration of the countless possibilities and areas of development we all have. It is when I made a life-changing decision: take a profound journey into human psychology.
I moved to the UK where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. The multidimensional human nature slowly begun to unfold, leaving me in awe and even greater eagerness to deepen my understanding. Why we subconsciously make the decisions we do? What motivates those decisions? What needs these decisions are meant to satisfy? Why do we relate the way we do with the self, the intimate other, our family, our work environment, or society? More importantly, what can we do to improve our life, the life of our loved ones, the life that we all share? All these questions were deeply addressed when I completed an intense four year graduate program in Psychotherapy, Family Therapy and Counseling.
Being blessed to work with individuals, groups and families over a decade as a Psychotherapist / Counselor in Greece, helped me realize that the vast majority of my clients were far from being mentally ill. They were functional individuals under stress, sicking to improve their lives. That realization, opened a familiar field for me to explore further: How do we master knew knowledge, knew skills? How do we set achievable goals and redirect ourselves if we stray from them? How do we analyze and evaluate our thinking? How can we test our assumptions, our conclusions? How can we enlarge our minds to explore multiple perspectives? How do we overcome self-deception, bias and perceptual limitations? And mostly, what can we do to reach and maximize our potential? That drive led me to earn a Masters Degree in Educational Psychology.
For the last years, my passion is to inspire, support and empower people like you, who have a measure of “success” in your lives, and want to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. People like you, who want to reach your higher selves, accomplish your dreams and live a life of fulfillment and joy. Practicing life coaching gives me the opportunity to channel the knowledge and the experience I acquired all these years in a more result-oriented way. My personal journey and my cultivated creativity enables me to effortlessly use the most appropriate tools and combine them in a unique way that would match and serve the needs and desires of each of you.
After all, life is a journey, and it is up to us to make it meaningful, joyful and worthy!
Thank you for allowing me to share my personal journey with you.

A journey that I love, a journey that I live for. A journey that created a mission, a call:

To help you create your own journey, just the way you want to!

If you prefer a more formal and detailed approach, explore:

You will experience a unique two-direction approach!
All areas you wish to work on, will be unfolded through a - simultaneous and continuously adjustable to your specific needs, two-direction approach:
  • Inner to outer direction - for gradual, life lasting results.

You will have the chance to work with your internal world, so you can explore, assess and empower your deepest thoughts and values. This in itself, will gradually be reflected on and directed to new, inner-driven and thus life-lasting behaviors, that will help you achieve astonishing results on your external, day-to-day world.

  • Outer to Inner direction - for immediate measurable results.

You will also have the chance to work directly with new ways of behaving and acting on your daily situations and challenges. This work, will produce immediate and measurable positive results and that in itself, will re-enforce new enriched, flexible and adaptive ways of thinking that will enlarge your inner horizons.

  • More precisely - A Systemic Coaching with an eclectic enrichment.

Systemic approach shed light upon the invisible patterns, revealing and addressing the causes, not the symptoms.

Eclectic, uses techniques from multiple approaches like:

Behavioral (how to apply new behaviors) / Psychodynamic (the unconscious mind) / Cognitive (thinking, problem-solving, decision-making) / Biological (neuroscience - know how your brain works) / Evolutionary (how your mental traits were structured due to evolution) etc.
Since 2005, I have helped hundreds of clients achieve personal and professional success.

Psychology BA/BS Honors: Middlesex University / The Open University U.K.

Accredited by U.S.A. Accreditation: Middle States Commission on Higher Education and by B.P.S. (British Psychological Society).

Masters in Educational Psychology: University of Nicosia, Cyprus.

Accredited by E.U.A (European Universities Association) and by E.F.Q.M. (European Foundation for Quality Management)

Post-Graduate Training Program in Family Therapy, Psychotherapy, Counseling: Laboratory For The Study Of Human Relations.

A four year program consisted of theory, techniques and practice on

  • Systemic Approach in Psychotherapy
  • Counseling and Therapy of individuals and couples
  • Family Psychotherapy
  • Group Therapy

Accredited by European Association for Psychotherapy (E.A.P.) and by Training Institutes Chamber - European Family Therapy Association (E.F.T.A.).

  • “Myths and Narratives in Psychotherapy”, Laboratory For The Study Of Human Relations, Athens, Greece.
  • “Access to the Future”, National Open College, Harlow, U.K.
  • “Languages in European Union – New Technologies in Teaching and Learning”, H.M.A (Hellenic Management Association) Athens, Greece.
  • “Public Relations and Corporational Communication”, E.B.E.A (Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry), Greece.
  • “Education Qualité 1” (Quality Education), Direction Quality Groupe, Bull S.A., Athens, Greece
  • Member of the British Psychological Society since 2006.
  • Supporting Parental Involvement in School, WPS, University of Nicosia, Cyprus.
  • Life Choices as A Mirror of Our Inner Organization and their Exploitation at the Course of a Therapy, WPS, Laboratory For The Study Of Human Relations, Athens Greece.
  • How to Boost you Child's Confidence, Penna Newspaper, Athens, Greece.
  • Human Relations and Communication, Penna Newspaper, Athen, Greece.
  • Economic Crisis and Psychological Health, Penna Newspaper, Athens, Greece.
  • Healthy Body in Healthy Mind Workshop with emphasis on experiential exercises for groups, ELCOP ABEE, Athens, Greece.
  • Self Awareness – A Way to Reduce Stress, Mesogeiaki Paremvasi Newspaper, Athens Greece.
  • The Art of Vacations, Magazine of Municipality of Markopoulo, Athens, Greece.
  • Classical Piano and Music Theory National Conservatory of Athens, Greece.
  • Opera Singing National Conservatory of Athens, Greece.
  • History of Arts The French Institute of Athens, Greece.
  • Diplôme D' Etudes Supérieures (High Level Certificate of Studies) French Institute of Athens, Greece.
  • Painting and Drawing The Kapatou School of Painting, Athens, Greece.
Ms. Linos is a highly motivated professional,
with a natural curiosity and commitment
in deepening her understanding of theoretical issues
and in advancing her skills in handling issues
relevant to counseling and therapy
of individuals, groups, couples and families
Charis Katakis, Ph.D.
Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Writer, Researcher
Approved supervisor of the American Association of Family and Marriage Therapy (A.A.M.F.T.),
at the founder's level. Awarded honorary membership to the European Association of Psychotherapy
(see: Charis Katakis - Wikipedia).
I would like to point out that
Mrs Vivian Linos is an active,
motivated, and creative professional
that masters with excellency the experiential and theoretical parts
in counseling and therapy.
She is a responsible, highly effective and committed professional.
Dr. Maria Pirounaki - Lioni
Social psychologist, Psychotherapist,
Mental Health Counselor
Mrs Vivian Linos is a professional with an exceptional
cognitive and emotional structure.
She combines genuine care and enthusiasm
with responsibility and commitment.
I highly recommend her skills in counseling and psychotherapy.
George Kalarritis MMedSci, CAC, CGP, CFT
Clinical psychologist, Psychotherapist
Drug-addiction counselor
Trainer and Clinical Supervisor

For all these years...

I am thankful for the inspiration of all my teachers and professors.
I am thankful for the trust and commitment of my clients.
I am grateful for the love and support of my loved ones.
I am grateful for my son, just because he exists.


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