About You

Life Coaching is an investment in you.

For those of you that do not actually know what to expect and might feel a little anxious about what's ahead, this part will help you understand better and feel more confident about yourself and the procedure.

Many people have been down this road, only to find that positive change comes not only as a purposeful effort, but mostly as a natural outcome of the work with the self. Being able to see yourself in a new way helps you grow and develop.

Primarily, it is up to you to make it work and here is how: - Find out what Life Coaching is about - See some issues you can work on - Learn what you can do to make the best out of your life coaching - Understand how you can benefit working with a life coach with my background.

I invite you to benefit from my 20 minutes free consultation.

Empower yourself!

Life coaching is a partnership between a life coach and a client, in which the life coach supports the client to engage in an inspiring and creative way of thinking, in achieving personal and professional goals, with the aim to reach and maximize own potential.

Life Coaching / Therapy, what is the difference?

Both fields aim at a common outcome:
Help a person overcome personal strains and work towards positive changes.

Therapy usually deals with resolving old traumas and healing emotional wounds and thus entails working with the past. Also, works with the presence by increasing insight and functionality. Some therapists are solution-focused.

Life coaching deals with the present and the client's goals for the future. There might be some exploration of the client's past, but the process will not linger there for long. The insight from the past will be applied to ways the client can make positive changes in their life. Life coaching is a solution-focused and action-oriented approach.

What makes a good Life Coach?

A good life coach should be able to address any aspect of the client's life: personal / social / professional. The point is for the life coach to help the client make lasting life-changing improvements, no matter the area.
A good life coach is one who listens carefully and asks the right questions. One who masters the proper skills that will enable the client's empowerment and growth.
A good life coach is one that takes the client out of their comfort zone, enlights the mind with new ideas, motivates new behaviors, challenge the old - embrace the new.

When the time is right for you?

When you feel determined to stop wishing for a change and start acting to make one.
When you feel ready to turn your dreams into action and live a fulfilling life.
  • Overcome blocks and fears
  • Identify and manage your emotions
  • Relief yourself from stress
  • Find your pathway in life
  • Improve your communication
  • Shape up your marriage
  • Enrich your parenting skills
  • Find a partner
  • Build long lasting relationships
  • Deal with divorce or separation
  • Put an order to a chaos
  • Identify own needs and emotions
  • Pull yourself together
  • Get independent
  • Work on solutions
  • Balance business and personal life
  • Boost your self esteem
  • Change what is bothering you
  • Sharpen your adaptability in life transitions
  • Make your own life transition
  • Define and pursuit your goals
  • Get organized
  • Make key decisions
  • Find a fulfilling job
  • Start a business
  • Grow your business
  • Get promotion
  • Expand your limits
  • Be successful in what you do
  • Be the master of your life
  • Plan your future
  • Enjoy life
Here are some tips of what you can do make your life coaching successful.

Make time for your Life Coaching

You might probably are a busy person with lots of responsibilities in your life. However, making time for your life coaching is very important. If you want results, you have to make it a priority. You need to overcome any challenges and embrace the process.
During my practice, I worked with people who tried to avoid an upcoming braketrhough in their life by canceling or postponing their appointments. It is a subconscious resistance to change. If that time comes for you, you need to remind yourself that life coaching is all about you. By keeping the appointments with your life coach, you are actually keeping the commitment with yourself!

Embrace constructive feedback

In life coaching every comment you receive aims at helping you see your strengths and areas of development. Sometimes this might feel a little uncomfortable. However, by hearing only the familiar, would not enlarge your perspective, neither will provide you with alternative ways of thinking and dealing with your challenges.
A good life coach will help you hear and understand a constructive feedback and will provide you with plenty of opportunities to use it for your own best interest. This is a vital process of a successful and sustainable life shift. Try to stay open and benefit from it.

Work on achievable goals

Early in the engagement, you will acquire a big picture of the things you want to accomplish for yourself. Your goals might seem plenty and overwhelming. Try to priorities, focus on achievable goals, see which skills you need to master first to deal with you current situation. Being effective at the present time will set the scene for higher achievements. Your life coach feedback will help you evaluate and priorities the skills you need to work on to move forward.

Stay open and flexible

One of the most exciting things about life coaching process is that it changes as new challenges arise. It's dynamic! So you should stay open and flexible, and look at these challenges as opportunities to grow. You life coach, will help you have a plan in place for you to be able to use it as a guideline while dealing with new challenges as they arise.

Stay in Touch

Create a strong partnership with your life coach. Consider her as a resource to you throughout your life. Even after you've finished your program you might want to share from time to time your achievements and your envision with your life coach. Or you might just want to celebrate your achievements and see the rewards of your work. Your life coach will welcome hearing from you at all times.

Have faith

Do you want to make the best out of your life coach program? Do you want to feel amazed of what you will accomplish? Then you need to believe in the process and have faith in yourself and your life coach.
When you'll start you might not know exactly where you're going.
Early in the process you'll find a lot of achievements you want to accomplish.
During your life coaching, you will start experiencing the positive change and the new shift in your life.
At the end of your program you'll feel very proud of yourself and confident about your future.
There is nothing in the world like having a partner by your side to help you get where you want to go.
And that's what coaching is all about.
There are clear benefits when you are working with a life coach who has a much wider, than the coaching area, background.
In my life coaching, I use the latest goal-oriented and result-focusing coaching techniques and tools and combine them with the insight and the deep understanding of my formal education on: psychology, counseling and psychotherapy.
My clients benefit the most when I bring all of my skills and wisdom to the coaching process and they often report to me that they chose me to be their life coach because of my background.
By understanding these benefits you can use them as a power resource and take more advantage of what can be given to you: the most effective, insightful and successful life coaching experience possible!
Here is what my deep understanding of human behavior enables me to offer to my clients:
  • Trace and pull up the root causes of anxiety and release them permanently - for relief and empowerment
  • Convert intention into action and start doing something new or restart something done before - for getting unstuck
  • Easily pinpoint crucial moments in my client's life that need to be addressed - for facilitating moving forward
  • Motivate behaviour that initiates and maintains goal-directed performance - for immediate results
  • Generate and direct the client's own dynamic for finding inspiration from within - for life lasting results
  • Understand defend mechanisms and help my clients tackle them immediately - for reducing stress and procrastination
  • Recognize, uncover and deal with unconscious behaviors that no longer serve my client's presence - for (re)gaining control
  • Energize the client's thinking and fuel their enthusiasm - for creativity and enjoyment
  • Brake down a situation and find the key points to focus and work on - for self direction
  • Spot fears that might lead to a conventional life and empower break throughs - for self fulfillment
  • Support my clients to find hidden inclinations and allow desires to surface - for facilitate self discovery
  • Empower mental effort to apply current knowledge and skills - for reaching potential
  • Override dysfunctional past programming of limited / negative thinking with new open-minded ideas - for exceeding potential
  • Enhance persistence at a specific goal in the face of distractions or other priorities - for best results
  • Resisting doing the familiar and "work smart" on new challenges - for personal and professional development
Having a masters in educational psychology, has deepened my understanding in human way of learning and developing that enables me to:
  • Understand the learning process in a life-span development
  • Help create the best possible learning environment and experiences
  • Effectively help my clients to develop self-regulation
  • Address needs, processes and outcomes in a motivational way
  • Facilitate successful performance

... for a maximum life coaching experience.


Google Reviews

"Vivian has a gift! I reached out to her at a very low point in my life. I had mental and physical pain from my emotional baggage. With kindness and respect she helped me to truly understand myself and make some significant and positive changes in my life. I can’t say enough kind words about her or convey, sufficiently, my gratitude for her."

"Three years ago, I found myself in a terrible situation! I had to put an end to a thirteen year old marriage with two children. I cannot begin to describe the pain, the disappointment and the insecurity I was feeling. What was happening to me was beyond my power. It was when my sister suggested Vivian.

I was immediately amazed! I followed her guidance with precision and it was unbelievable how effective she was! And that was just the first session!

Throughout our work together, Vivian has introduced me to new perspectives and as a result the solutions have become obvious to me. Vivian helped me realize who I really am, what I am capable of achieving and how to best utilize my potential. My productivity increased tremendously and as a result, I got promoted. I gained self-confidence and I started a new relationship with an amazing partner.

Now, I am happy, my kids are happy, and we are all enjoying feelings of security, love, support and fulfillment. All our world has shifted in an amazingly positive way! I love my new life! I have chosen to trust Vivian and as a result, my life turned awesome! I have discovered my true self and my life has improved significantly! I am living a life of dignity and fulfillment.

I absolutely and unequivocally recommend Vivian. Thank you Vivian, you are my guarding angel!"

"Before I started working with Vivian, my life was in total chaos. I was feeling disappointed and I couldn't stand it any longer.

Two dear friends of mine, were both working with Vivian at the time. They were so enthusiastic with her approach, that it felt like it was the right thing for me to start working with her.

During our work together, I put my life in order. I understood my emotions and what was their root cause. I realized my needs and wants and I started addressing them. I decoded the power dynamics that were governing my professional environment.

One of the things I am really grateful for, was when Vivian suggested a couple's session. It was so powerful, that changed for ever the course of our relationship.

Now, I address all life challenges with an unprecedented inner power and from a knowledgable and skillful perspective. I am now able to set the right boundaries for my self. I have regain control over my personal and professional life and it feels great!

Thank you Vivian for everything that you have done for me, for my family and for my career!"

"Vivian's skillful approach and genuine care, inspired and supported me to find the missing parts of my true self and freed me from anything that was burdening me and it was not mine.

Her unique ability to understand and interpret my world, empowered me to make the most efficient decisions for myself and for my kids. Vivian's open scope taught me to live my life “my way”, and guided me to make choices aligned with my unique, true self.

Because of our work together, I am enjoying every moment of my life! Vivian did not only earned my trust and my respect, she earned my love."

"After seeing Vivian for 6 months, I started to change and so did everything & everyone else around me. We have dealt with personal issues, family issues, professional issues, spirituality issues and many-many more and when I decided to seek Life Coaching training myself, she was there to support me, with ideas, experience and knowledge. I am deeply impressed until today from the wide spectrum of subjects she is capable of dealing with successfully and with a high standard of performance!

Working with a life coach or a therapist, most of the times, the impact of the relationship doesn’t go beyond the point of solving a situation seen as problematic. For those outstanding professionals who stand out of the crowd, it is always something more, because they know that, to really become exceptional, they must “walk their talk” in all aspects and Vivian does exactly that. I gained confidence by observing and receiving her confidence, I learned to think with an open mind by observing her way of thinking. All clients during the sessions, what they primarily do, is to unconsciously model their life coach or therapist. Imagine how vital it is, the model you are modeling, to be an exceptional model!"

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