Some of my clients share their life coaching experience with you...

I started seeing Vivian over a year ago, just a few months after having to leave a 20 year career as a surgeon due to progressive multiple sclerosis.

I had been working with a psychotherapist with 2 doctorates yet week to week I wasn’t feeling any better. I found Vivian in an online search for a life coach and read this type of review. The emotions and honesty of her clients was so real and vulnerable that I had to meet this woman whose clients were so grateful they would go out on such a limb to post their most personal details. I now find myself doing the same because Vivian has affected my life in such a profound and meaningful way I want others to have the same opportunity.

Having dealt with cancer twice, 2 children with chronic illnesses, MS for 20 years, and a very successful career as an academic surgeon, I was burnt out, exhausted and felt such deep sadness that I had to give up a career that I thought was my identity.

In just our first session I learned more about myself, my patterns, and why I am who I am. Just that session was life changing.

Through our continued work I have come to complete peace with my choice of leaving surgery and have embraced my journey of total self care. With Vivian’s guidance I’ve been able to stop looking back and finding ways to blame myself for everything that had gone wrong in my family’s lives.

Today I congratulate myself for all the successes we have had, have become a better parent, and my marriage is better than ever after she helped me to better understand my husband of 26 years! Now in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, I have the tools to cope and actually thrive while sheltering in place.

At our session yesterday, after listing all of the successes I am having, how positive and productive I am being, helping my friends and family to cope and improve their outlook, and even improving on my self-care routine, I realize how far I have come because of this outstanding woman and had to write this review so others could find the support and peace in their lives that we all need to live a life that is meaningful and full of joy and gratitude.


I began writing this review numerous times, but it never got beyond the first 1-2 lines. No matter what came out on paper, it was never adequate to describe what I experienced the last years I have been working with Vivian towards a goal which at the time, seemed impossible but now it has expanded beyond my imagination! Some experiences cannot be fully described via words, as vital aspects of them might be left out, painting thus, an unfair picture and the work we have done with Vivian is one of these experiences.

Back then my life was a total mess, I was wandering with no destination, aimlessly, literally wasting my time, as well as, this precious gift I was given: my life. Although I recognized the need to do something for my situation, I hesitated to make a move, because deep inside of me I believed that it was worthless… I was worthless. Misery had become a good friend of mine and I was busy building my own personal drama and living in it in a glorious way! Looking back from where I stand now…. I was really good at it! At that time, the only action I could perform was to book a session with Vivian and show up… I was very-very broken and confused.

After seeing Vivian for 6 months, I started to change and so did everything & everyone else around me. I approached our cooperation with an open mind and will to change… an attitude which you cannot not succeed with! Our cooperation evolved through various phases, just like a fine red wine.

We have dealt with personal issues, family issues, professional issues, spirituality issues and many-many more and when I decided to seek Life Coaching training myself, she was there to support me, with ideas, experience and knowledge. I am deeply impressed until today from the wide spectrum of subjects she is capable of dealing with successfully and with a high standard of performance!

Professionally, when we started I was in a Marketing Manager’s position and now I am the CEO of a manufacturing company with exporting presence in 34 countries and Vivian and I, planned and executed this transition together! Working with a life coach or a therapist, most of the times, the impact of the relationship doesn’t go beyond the point of solving a situation seen as problematic. For those outstanding professionals who stand out of the crowd, it is always something more, because they know that, to really become exceptional, they must “walk their talk” in all aspects and Vivian does exactly that. I gained confidence by observing and receiving her confidence, I learned to think with an open mind by observing her way of thinking. All clients during the sessions, what they primarily do, is to unconsciously model their life coach or therapist. Imagine how vital it is, the model you are modeling, to be an exceptional model!

After a while, my wife also started working with Vivian so we had the chance to work as a family under the same principles and values and this was the wisest decision we ever made and the greater gift to ourselves and to our son who is coming in 2 months! I believe that the birth of this child is the most valuable outcome of this cooperation, and it would not be possible without it for many-many reasons.

I wish everyone has the chance to work with such a skilled professional and loving and caring person as Vivian is. I believe in synchronicity in life and this was a case where the exact time the “student” was ready… the “master” appeared! Thank you for everything Vivian!

Panos B.

Vivian has a gift! I reached out to her at a very low point in my life. I had mental and physical pain from my emotional baggage. With kindness and respect she helped me to truly understand myself and make some significant and positive changes in my life. I can’t say enough kind words about her or convey, sufficiently, my gratitude for her!

K Ross

Few years ago, I decided to take the most decisive step in my life! Finding a professional to help me discover my true self and enable me to address whatever was holding me back from being happy. It is when I met Vivian!

Even though no one has ever recommended her to me, I immediately felt, she was the right one! I found kindness, warmth, generosity, immense understanding and respect to every sensitive issue I shared with her! She earned my trust! I felt safe. Vivian's compassionate and resourceful style (she is a fountain of ideas and inspiration) was what I was looking for. I couldn’t settle with anything less.

Turning back the time, I remember me carrying big and heavy "baggages". I had to face the consequences of my past and a stressful attitude towards life. Vivian helped me redefine myself! I used to perceive only one dimension of a situation. Vivian introduced me to new perspectives and enabled me to see the bigger picture! I understood what was really happening behind every behavior, the importance of the unconscious and its major role in our decisions. I understood that perfection does not exist. We are imperfect creatures by nature and that is acceptable. I embraced self-forgiveness that helped me to forgive others too. Forgiveness is an act of power and great love!

I began to interpret my negative past experiences not as wounds but as opportunities for growth. I helped my inner child grow. I identified and managed difficult emotions such as anger and fear. I achieved to manage my stress and transform it into a driving force for improvement. I successfully faced some health issues and got aware of the messages my body sends to me. I now know what to do to be in harmony with my body and I accept every single cell of it!

I significantly improved my marriage! My relationship with my husband is better than ever, after being together for over 13 years! Becoming a better life partner was a great accomplishment for me since I was totally self-taught at that point. I didn't know what it meant to be a wife, or how couples can communicate effectively. I am now able to feel part of a family, which seemed so hard before. I used to feel suffocated in every form of family involvement.

I built my social identity by reaching out, meeting people of all ages and backgrounds, by becoming member of a theatrical team. Few years ago, that seemed so difficult. I further continued my studies. I have completed 2 post graduate degrees and attended several professional training seminars. I managed to hold the steering wheel of my life and stop blaming external factors or victimizing myself. I feel true love for me, for my husband and for the child we want to bring to the world! I feel grateful!

Thank you Vivian, from the bottom of my heart!

Νίκη Μαργώνη

Three years ago, I found myself in a terrible situation! I had to put an end to a thirteen year old marriage with two children. I cannot begin to describe the pain, the disappointment and the insecurity I was feeling. What was happening to me was beyond my power and even though I had people around me who cared deeply, I was feeling that no one could really understand what I was going through. It was when my sister suggested Vivian. At the beginning I was scared, I had never talked to a professional before and I didn't know what to expect. However, I needed immediate support and guidance for my children - my main concern. I needed to know how to take care of their feelings, how to support and walk them through this major transition, so I followed my sister's advice and I booked a session with Vivian.

I was immediately amazed! During our first session we've talked about everything, or at least it felt that way! Vivian provided me with clarity and guidance on the two major issues that were of a great concern to me. I followed her guidance with precision and it was unbelievable how effective she was! And that was just one session!

Throughout our work together, Vivian has introduced me to new perspectives and as a result the solutions have become obvious to me. We worked together for 8 moths and after that, occasionally, as needed. During these 8 months Vivian helped me realize who I really am, what I am capable of achieving and how to best utilize my potential. My productivity increased tremendously and as a result, I got promoted. I gained self-confidence and I started a new relationship with an amazing partner.

Now, I am happy, my kids are happy, and we are all enjoying feelings of security, love, support and fulfillment. All our world has shifted in an amazingly positive way! I love my new life! I have chosen to trust Vivian and as a result, my life turned awesome! Occasionally, I am still having sessions with Vivian because I like what I am discovering about myself and about my family. I so much enjoy the deeper and more meaningful connection I am developing with people who matter the most to me. I have discovered my true self and my life has improved significantly! I am living a life of dignity and fulfillment.

I absolutely and unequivocally recommend Vivian. Thank you Vivian, you are my guarding angel!

Georg Giannous

Before I started working with Vivian, my life was in total chaos. I was feeling disappointed and I couldn't stand it any longer.

Two dear friends of mine, were both working with Vivian at the time. They were so enthusiastic with her approach, that it felt like it was the right thing for me to start working with her.

During our work together, I put my life in order. I understood my emotions and what was their root cause. I realized my needs and wants and I started addressing them. I decoded the power dynamics that were governing my professional environment. Vivian helped me acknowledge how I was contributing to a life that was not satisfying to me, and what I could do different. She helped me understand my husband's perspective and the challenges that he was facing.

One of the things I am really grateful for, was when Vivian suggested a couple's session. It was so powerful, that changed for ever the course of our relationship.

Now, I address all life challenges with an unprecedented inner power and from a knowledgable and skillful perspective. I am now able to set the right boundaries for my self. I have regain control over my personal and professional life and it feels great!

Thank you Vivian for everything that you have done for me, for my family and for my career!!!

Ειρήνη Πετράτου

I was seeing a traditional practitioner for psychological therapy but was not satisfied with that approach. Then I searched for a Life Coach and found Vivian. We talked on the phone to see if working together might be a good fit and right away I could tell her approach is much more about improving a mostly healthy life, instead of treating ailments.

It's been a great journey since the start and each time we meet I come away with new ideas. We talk in a way that's give and take, it's dynamic and a real conversation. Vivian really has a way of seeing patterns and her passion for her work comes through in each session.

I would highly recommend Vivian Linos for anyone wanting to get the most from life!

Miriam Caruso

Thank you my beloved Vivian for supporting me,inspiring me, for caring and for guiding me through the hard times and challenges of finding and loving myself unconditionally!Now, every day starts and finishes with a beautiful thought.I feel grateful, privileged and blessed for being alive, healthy and able to see the beauty in everything! My life is my own little miracle!I am evolving every day! The best is yet to come!!

Dimitra Karala

I started having sessions with Vivian 12 years ago, and until today, they continue to be extremely beneficial to me.

Back then, I was feeling trapped in a fast evolving life situation that was beyond my control. I had lost sight of my self and of my direction. Vivian's skillful approach and genuine care, inspired and supported me to find the missing parts of my true self and freed me from anything that was burdening me and it was not mine.

Her unique ability to understand and interpret my world, empowered me to make the most efficient decisions for myself and for my kids. Vivian's open scope taught me to live my life “my way”, and guided me to make choices aligned with my unique, true self.

Because of our work together, I am enjoying every moment of my life! Vivian did not only earned my trust and my respect, she earned my love.

Sylvia Sylvestrou

I truly found a gem when I met Vivian. She listens intently and cares about all of her clients. She cleared my mind with her advice and guidance. I highly recommend Vivian as your life coach. (from RSM)

Esperanza Solis

I got married at a young age, my husband together with my brother, were running the family business, while I was taking care of our three beautiful children. For years I was living a life of comfort and joy until, everything started falling apart! Business was in trouble and even in danger of going under. My husband and my brother were constantly fighting and blaming each other. It wasa total chaos, I felt despaired, broken.

It took me a while to get out of my misery and seek help. A friend told me about Vivian and how she helped her cousin with his business. I started working with Vivian with the expectation of receiving some tips about how things can work better. I have never imaged that a whole new world would be revealed in front me!

Vivian easily spotted the patterns that were triggering behaviors that damaged the business. She suggested family coaching and that was a blessing! Working with Vivian (after having spend some time convincing my brother to participate!), helped us understood that we bring our personal histories and experiences to work and that has an impact on the business.

Poor communication, broken connections, unmet expectations created confusion, breakdowns and led to bad decisions. We understood that success is tied to each other and that we needed to see each other clearly and relate more effectively. Vivian, helped us understand ourselves and one another, realize the kind of expectations we had and how to form more realistic and effective ones. And she did it with humor, understanding, compassion and decisiveness.

Vivian's personal style is so facilitative and uplifting! She treated us all as intelligent people with dreams and aspirations. She helped us discover our own gifts and talents and taught us how to share and use them. My husband and my brother stopped blaming each other, by taking responsibility for their actions. Their relationship is now better than before the crisis! Personally, I was inspired and motivated to actively participate in our business and I love it! Once the human side of our business was met, things are going consistently better.

I feel so proud of myself, becauseI took action and seek for the right help! Now, I see a bright future ahead of us! Thank you Vivian, we truly appreciate all the positive change you brought into our lives. It took work, commitment and courage, but it was definitely worth it!


When I first met Vivian, I was in a difficult period in my life. I wasn't pleased with my choice of studies, I was feeling stuck and unable to envision my future or create my own dreams. Vivian helped me overcome my difficulties and taught me how to appreciate myself like never before. Today, thanks to her guidance and support, and a lot of personal effort, I feel happier than ever. Vivian has equipped me with skills that allow me to deal with my everyday life as a student, in a productive, focused, creative and mostly, enthusiastic way. Now, I can dream big!

Patrick H.

Vivian offers an incredibly effective combination of insight and experience and she cares deeply about the people shes works with. Vivian has helped me achieve tremendous personal and professional growth because she masters both.


My name is Aggeliki, I am married with two children, and 7 years ago I decided to work with Vivian. Back then, I was suffering from panic attacks, I was feeling so low, I couldn't function effectively in my life, nor I was able to enjoy all the pleasures life had to offer.

It has been a fascinating experience working with Vivian! I have achieved everything I hoped to achieve and more! After all these years, I want to say thank you Vivian, I miss you!

Αγγελική Π.

In 2008, my family was a real mess. My daughter, was in a constant opposition, my husband and I, were fighting all the time and could not agree on anything. I was always tired and had no energy. I had panic attacks and nowhere to turn to.

I knew I needed help but, I had worked with a psychologist in the past with no results, and I was hesitating. I held on to Vivian's contact info for a long time and when I finally booked a session, it was a totally different experience for me. Vivian was so co-operative and encouraging and that kept me going. Little by little my trust started to build, and soon enough I felt at ease. It is really soothing to feel that you can say anything that is in your mind and in your hart to a person, and receive understanding, compassion and motivation to go on. And I had a long way to go!

One day, after three years of work, Vivian told me: "You don't need my services anymore! You are now strong enough to go on with your life. If you need anything, I am always here for you.". In deed, after working with Vivian, I became a totally different person, even today, after almost 10 years, I still feel confident about myself, proud about my family, and I am not afraid of anything! Vivian was for me, a shoulder to lean on, a shoulder to cry on. The hand that lifted me up so I can stand and walk on my own, so I can reconnect with my family and live a happy life.

Over the years, I enthusiastically referred Vivian to many of my friends. Those who chose to work with her, I've seen them blossom. These days, Vivian is helping my daughter, and I couldn't be happier as a mom for her progress.

Thank you Vivian for every joy you brought to our lives. Your impact is still present and will always be. - Valia Kiki

Ιφιγένεια Κίκη

Everybody talks about it, but you really need to want it, to make it happen. And I did! I wanted to be able to feel good about myself, love and accept who I was. I wanted to be able to make the right choices, take risks, fulfill my dreams.

I was a beautiful, well educated young woman, who was traveling around the world, living a blessed life. Or so it seemed, for whatever I was doing, I had an inner burden, a sadness guided by all these planted stereotypes and 'must do things'. If it wasn't for Vivian, I would still be following someone-else's steps and not my own.

Vivian, opened up a new world for me. She helped me differentiate myself from my mom (and not repeat her mistakes) and restore my relationship with my dad (he now accepts and loves me for who I am and not for who he wanted me to become). Vivian inspired and supported me to start my own business. Now I am autonomous and really proud of myself.

It wan't easy. You really have to dig deep inside you and get rid of all the implanted layers that blur your true colors. You need to be committed, accountable and determined to become what you've always wished for. You need to have Vivian by your side. Thank you Vivian for all the things you've helped me accomplish. And this is just the beginning! Yota Giannousa


I was going through a divorce and my life appeared to hit rock bottom, before I started working with Vivian.

I was depressed and feeling almost helpless to change my situation. At that point, I was receiving therapy sessions with other professionals that was not really helping my situation. Then, a friend of mine referred Vivian to me. I could tell right away from the first sessions that Vivian was different from other professionals and that she provided “real” and substantive coaching that helped me better understand my situation and move forward in a positive manner.

I gained immense insight into what was causing my problems at home and, more importantly, into understanding me better. With every session, I came away feeling more positive about what was going on and what my prospects were. I was provided tools which reaped excellent results in every facet of my life – especially my relationship with my wife, children, parents, and friends.

The culmination of all this work was my wife and I deciding to work together and save our marriage. Our relationship now is better than it has ever been, which has also spilled over to our overall family in general.

I would absolutely and unequivocally recommend Vivian's services!!! I know there are people out there that are in very similar situations and they would greatly benefit from her approach.


Until the day I started working with you Vivian, my heart was full of fears and my mind was full of doubts. For what I had become, for what I was doing, for what I was saying, even for what I was feeling. I had a constant sense of inadequacy even though I was trying to exhaustion in every aspect of my life, social, emotional, professional.My main compass was my daughter’s wellbeing and my only certainty was that I wanted to raise her in a way that she can be happy, free and without any fear of life.

I want to thank you Vivian, for helping me escape from my blurry self-image, discover my true colors and shine. You helped me acknowledge my limitations, set my boundaries and love and care for myself. Acquire a solid inner ground and released me from my fears. Become aware of my strengths and virtues and not feel embarrassed to have them. Acknowledge my weaknesses, and embraced them as a part of me but also being able to control them. Enjoy every single day. Stop being perfect for everyone else but feel satisfied with who I am. Hold myself accountable for my actions. Be authentic! More than anything, I want to thank you for helping me blossom and develop into a happy, free and without fears individual....

And you did it with love, acceptance, patience and persistence in all my setbacks! I love you very much, because at the darkest hours you were always there for me!

Kerkira Goudevenou

When we first met Vivian we couldn’t imagine the impact and the effectiveness she would had on us.

Vivian has what other coaches simply do not possess or do not follow. She doesn’t let you talk endlessly about an issue. She listens and then she immediately identifies any dysfunctional patterns and starts working on them. Having understood where you are and what obstacles you need to overcome, you are able to identify the correct steps for solving the torturous issues.

We were left speechless, numerous times about Vivian's ability to penetrate an issue to a great depth and yet introduce it in such a simple way and with easy steps to follow. Ηer calm and yet decisive approach, inspire and motivate you to find solutions.

Thank you Vivian for your valuable contribution in helping us resolve our family issues.

Konstantinos Triantafyllidis

When I decided to visit Vivian I was experiencing a painful dead-end in my life and a deep inner turmoil.

From our very second session, Vivian was able to understand what my real, hidden problem was. She helped me conceptualize it and immediately inspired and gently guided me through its solution. I trusted her and let myself absorb all the support and knowledge she had to offer. It turned out that, that was the right thing to do.

Soon enough, I was engaged in a way of thinking and acting that helped me work through the solution to my problem. I am proud to say that I have finally managed to free myself from what was blocking me all these years. Now, I am able to experience the relief and inner peace, I was looking for all my life!

But that was not all. Words are not enough to express all the benefits I have gained working with her! Vivian's warm and calm personality, coupled with her patience and deep natural empathy, played a key role in my personal success.

Finally, I want to mention that my whole life has positively changed in all important aspects and continues to improve even more with hard work and patience from both sides. Vivian, I want to say to you a big THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, for all the things you've helped me understand and achieve. Thank you for being by my side and for helping me put my life into an order, in a way only you know how, in your unique, special way! S.N.

Sophia Nikolaki

It was an amazing experience working with Vivian! Thank you Vivian for enlighting my path forward. I feel very grateful for your help!

G Geran

The sweetest person I've ever met. Vivian, has such a generous and kind personality.She is so inspiring, motivational and knowledgeable. Her positive energy is endless!You "ll be in great hands if you decide to work with her!

Xara Xaroula


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